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Name: Jasmine
Tel: 0769-33895323
Fax: 0769-33895324
Mobile: +86-13650076161
E-mail: info@fortune-industrial.com
Add: guozhou industrial park, zhongtang town, Dongguan city, Guangdong provice
Skype: applemo28
QQ: 1613043516
Skype: applemo28 QQ: 1613043516 info@fortune-industrial.com

About Us

Fortune filter plant locates in Dongguan Urban district Convenient Transportation and developed excellent manufacturers surroundings.It is a member of Fortune- Industry Co.,Ltd. As a modern enterprise.

We manufacture all kinds of filters:

. heavy duty filters: for truck, bus, excavator, forklift, air compressor..

. passager car filters: for Toyota, Honda, BMW, Benz, GM….

Our market mainly in:

.North America, South America